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Everyday Life

Everyday Life

Items used everyday to make life safer and more comfortable. Buckles, buttons, clothing, clothing accessories, cooking utensils, and more.

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Nalbinding (4)

Nalbinding has been documented from as far back as  5000 BCE in the Xinjiang province or China, Peru and Scandinavia. Nalbinding creates a knotted fabric using a continuous piece of yarn. Unlike knitting and crocheting it doesn't unravel if a thread is cut or wears out. In Scandinavia woodsmen, fishermen and others who make their living out of doors in cold weather prefer nalbound garments due to their extra warmth, durability and ease of repair.

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Buckles (7)

At this time our buckles are representative of the later Viking Age and Middle Ages. Where possible, we include where the original artifact is located, where it is found and the estimated time it was inn use. Some of our products are interpretations of original designs that maintain the esthetic of a time and place in history. In either case we hope you enjoy what you see.

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Buttons (1)

Antler ButtonsEven though research indicates that buttons and button-holes were not used in early Scandinavian and Medieval clothing, we still get requests for them. Our buttons are made from European reindeer, north American elk and deer antler in several sizes. 99+% of the antler were shed during the winter and after the breeding season.

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