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Where possible, we include where the original artifact is located, where it was found and the estimated time period it was inn use. Some of our products are interpretations of original designs that maintain the esthetic of a time and place in history. In either case we hope you enjoy what you see. 

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Penannular and Semi-Penannular Brooches

Penannular and Semi-Penannular Brooches (12)

Brooches of this type range from 12mm to 73mm or 1/2" to 3" and all use the method of attachment illustrated below. Smaller brooches work well in medium weight fabric while the larger ones were used to hold up clothing or close shaws and blankets and are popular with re-enactors of early European history.

annular keyhole2penan brooch attachement 1penan brooch attachment 2

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Pin Back Brooches

Pin Back Brooches (13)

We tried to make the pins for our Pin Back brooches thin enough to work well with modern fabrics. While they still hold historical clothing together as they did since Viking Times they also provide an accent or feature when added to modern clothing.midgaard brooch OSS bzurnes ribebro urnes gotland bz

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Annular Brooches

Annular Brooches (11)

Annular Brooches were used by both men and women to fasten clothing together since Roman times or before. Today these simple brooches add and accent or a bit of color to a neck scarf, sweater or jacket. Fabric is pushed up through the ring, the pin set and the fabric pulled back to the ring. They where and are used where unfastening them it not often required.

annular smooth roundbrooch annular 3 lobedbrooch annular 6 lobed

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