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Nearly everyone carried a knife of some sort. From small knives to cut thread, trim the tips off carrots or cutting up food at a feast to heirloom blades that have been passed down for generations. We offer both types of blades.

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Utility Knives

Utility Knives (5)

Small utility knives used for everyday activities. We have replica knives with custom handles as well as modern knives made by Mora of Sweden.

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Wood Carving

Wood Carving (3)

mora-carvingCarving Knives by Mora Kniv of Mora Sweden. Mora Kniv was formed when K J Erickson and Frosts of Mora merged and upgraded their operations. These are the same quality knives as before the merger so some of the knives are marked Erickson, some are marked Frost and in the future they will be marked Mora Kniv.

Carving knife blades are laminated high carbon steel and have larger than usual handles and are unfinished to assure a good grip. The blades are thicker so they are strong enough for chip carving. Blades: Straight edged or curved, Handles: Regular or expanded ends to reduce risk of slipping, Top: Curved Blade with firm grip ergonomic handle, Middle: Straight Blade with firm grip ergonomic handle, Bottom: Heavier Curved Blade with extra firm grip handle.

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